The certificate of excellence is ours

The certificate of excellence is ours



Emisia Consulting has been awarded the AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate, which is held by only two percent of business entities in Serbia.

This signifies that, based on the business results achieved over the past three years, our company meets the criteria of “Bisnode” international methodology and belongs to the group of companies with the highest AAA creditworthiness rating.

The certificate of excellence is one of the most important European standards and internationally recognized evidence of economic quality of a company.

It confirms the credit value, financial stability, as well as the liquidity and profitability of a company.

This acknowledgment, as stated by “Bisnode”, confirms the long-standing systematic and quality work that places the winners of this award at the very top of the domestic economy, alongside with companies from the European Union, since the same rigorous and proven criteria are applied.

This way Emisia confirms that it is a responsible and reliable company.

Aside from Serbia, this certificate is recognized in many European countries, which ensures the reputation and reliability of our company both in domestic and international business environment.

We will try to continue to work diligently and conquer new world markets.

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