A humanitarian game for little Nadja

A humanitarian game for little Nadja



On Saturday, in the hall of the Druga kragujevacka gimnazija our company's football team played the humanitarian futsal game against the Wild Boars. All the money collected at the match was intended for the treatment of the three year old Nadja Kvrgic, who is suffering from leukemia.

Although the score was beside a point, 12 goals were seen at the game, so the audience that was in the hall of Druga kragujevacka gimnazija on Saturday afternoon could enjoy a good match. After the regular 40 minutes, the result was 6:6, but the team of our company won on better penalty shooting (4.3).

Emisia Consulting would like to thank the Wild Boars team and the Druga kragujevacka gimnazija for their parts in the organization of this humanitarian game, but also to everyone who spent their time and money and hang out with us on Saturday, and then at the Kvart café, where during the weekend, the collection of money for the young Nadja Kvrgic continued.

This is already the third humanitarian game organized by our company, and the money collected is always forwarded to those who need it most. As a socially responsible company, we will try to always respond to humanitarian actions that will help our fellow citizens.

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