We completed our summer workshops

We completed our summer workshops



This year’s Java and UI workshops finished with the presentation of projects and awarding certificates. After six weeks of cooperation with our mentors, workshop participants presented us the final version of the applications they were working on.

As a company we can boast that this was the most successful year, because apart from the traditional Java workshop, for the first time we organized the UI workshop. We had the most registered candidates, and a large number of them showed excellent knowledge and will be offered a scholarship or a job in our company.

- The participants came with a great desire for new knowledge and to work on a practical project, and we were there to help them whenever they needed. We cooperated well, the communication was great, we had a constant feedback on how they work. They solved tasks and problems independently, but they also knew when to ask for help, says Dusica Rankovic, one of the mentors at the Java Workshop.

It turned out that the workshop fulfilled the expectations of the participants, who saw "how much Java is really powerful".

- I applied for the workshop because I heard many positive impressions from colleagues who were participants last year, and I like Java as a programming language, so I was interested in how it was all organized. I acquired new skills, learned new technologies and this can serve as a good practice, explains Teodora Miljevic, a Java workshop attendant.

Uros Spasojevic, who attended our UI workshop, agrees with Teodora.- Everyone who wants to learn more about the user interface, programming, and method and atmosphere in a big company, I would recommend to apply for the workshop. I signed up because I was interested in JavaScript, HTML 5, but when I was working on my own, I encountered problems that made me quit. Now that we had someone to explain how things work, it's much easier and more interesting. The mentors were excellent, their priority was teamwork, so when one group did something well, the mentors tried to pass on further, so that everyone could learn, Uros said.

At the workshop, participants worked in ExJS and Firebase, which is used to store data and this helped them see how front-end developers communicate with the server side.

- Participants have learned how to completely create an application without a server side, just using Firebase. We gave them the basic pattern of what to do, and they were meant to devise different ways in which the application data could be presented. In the end, we are satisfied with the results, because we can select several candidates who will find a job in the software industry, concludes Vladimir Dukić, a mentor at the UI workshop.

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