Business League Vice-Champions

Business League Vice-Champions



Emisia’s football team made a huge success in the Futsal Business League winning the title of the vice-champion.

In addition to the team’s success, our colleague Milić Bogićević won the title of the best goalkeeper of the league.

Our boys fought for eight months against public companies, city administration team, large companies such as Fiat, MTS, RAPP MARINE, but also against teams of army and police departments and achieved great results.

In the debut season they had 11 victories, one tied game and lost only once, to the Fiat team, which was crucial for the failure of winning the gold medal.

- It is that one defeat that makes me not too satisfied with the season, but I am very pleased with the results achieved and the game we played during the league.

- We could have won the first place, but luck has failed us during the game against Fiat, since we were two goals ahead, but our lack of concentration led us to the tie and then we lost 4:2, says the captain of the team, Nikola Ilić.

He highlights that all of the boys were up to their usual level, especially emphasizing the performance of Milić Bogićević, who was awarded the best goalkeeper with by far the smallest number of goals conceded.

Aside from him, Petar Tankosić also played outstanding football.

Although this was the first season of the league, he explains that everything was very well organized, the teams played quality football and had a good time during the games.

The youngest member of the team, Miloš Novčić, who fitted perfectly in the team, agrees with his opinion.

- It’s an honor and privilege to be part of the team in which everyone has been playing football their entire life and knows a lot about it.

I have talent, but I am still learning from them.

I am satisfied with the season, I played a lot, scored goals, had assists, but I still need to improve my defense skills.

He will have several months for this because the start of the second season is scheduled for October, and until then our team will train twice a week.

According to Ilić, the team will not change for now, and it will do its best to win the gold next year.

The team that represented Emisia this year – Milić Bogićević, Miloš Novčić, Miloš Blagojević, Momčilo Marković, Nikola Ilić, Marko Petrović, Miloš Stamatović, Stefan Đurić, Petar Tankosić, Nikola Arsić, Ivan Stevanović, Marko Jevtović, Nebojša Gajić, Miloš Stanković and Igor Radivojević.

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