Positive wave of reliable software

Welcome to Emisia

Emisia Consulting d.o.o. is a leading company in the region specialized in translation software. The company was founded in Serbia in 2008, located in Kragujevac, as a small company with great ideas and a dozen employees. Over the years, we have proven that we are able to adequately meet the requirements of a modern software industry by providing our creative solutions, quality business and reliability. Therefore, today, we can proudly state that we have a highly qualified and educated team counting more than 200 employees. And we are heading forward...

We owe all our success to our motivated, innovative and dedicated people who have recognized Emisia Consulting d.o.o. as a company that takes care of its employees, leading their careers in the right direction and rewarding diligent work.

Always using the newest technology, we provide our clients with high-quality services and our employees with stable and pleasant working environment, where they can meet their potential.

Java Development

Our Java development team is dedicated to create enterprise- applications for our global clients. Our applications are developed using modern Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, OSGI, Hadoop, MongoDB, etc...

Quality Assurance

QA team is focused on developing and maintaining automated tests for ensuring software quality. Using modern test frameworks such as Selenium Webdriver, Jmeter, UFT | HP etc. we are joyful about signing stable applications.

User Interface

Utilizing latest Sencha products to make robust yet responsive UI components. Always at the web technologies blending edge, trying to make the best use on any new and attractive direction the web evolves to.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

We are providing DTP services for all major publishing software. Our DTP team has extensive experience in working with both Western and Eastern languages and right to left languages also. Recently our expertise extended to all e-learning platforms.

Translation Team

Our team is comprised of highly qualified linguists who are ready to properly meet the needs of clients. In addition to translation of documents in various fields it also offers website localization and translation, as well as software translation services.